Social Individ Via Utveckling i Samverkan (Swedish)
Socio-Individual Development through Collaboration (English)

The Historical background

Dr. Sophian Walugo

The Founder of the Method SIVUS

The SIVUS project started in 1974 at ALA, aresearch-group connected to the Swedish Parents Association (FUB). Since 1978, Socialsyrelsen (The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare) has administrated the project, Division for Services for the handicapped, Stockholm. The project was and is led by psychologist Dr. Sophian Walujo, Ph.D., together with his assistants and deputies in all in Sweden.Some of basic principles of the SIVUS method are based on the results of three years experiment (1962-65) in Indonesia led by Dr. Sophian Walujo. This was in order to work up and to test an appropriate educational method for Extension University students, so they could cope with both their work in the morning and their study in the evening.

SIVUS Summary

Just like other people , mentally retarded persons are : Persons, who have various kinds of needs to be provided for, in order to survive and to develop (to live better). Persons who needto find a certain means, activity or work to achieve a certain goal that can satisfy their own need. Human beings who are developing through their own propelling force and activity are persons who have both individual and social needs to be developed.Adequate fellow beings(as subjects) to get on well and to collaborate with.


In working particularly with mentally retarded persons, it is important to support the development of every mentally retarded person :

• Social ability

•Planning ability

•Work ability

•Evaluation ability

The aim of provisions and services for mentally retarded and other challenged persons is to support the handicapped so that they can functioned as independently as possible, both individually and socially, in their integration in society.

In order to achieve this goal, it is nessary for every challenged person to develop his

 Independence

 Self-confidence

 Feeling of solidarity



The Sixth International SIVUS Conference on Intellectually Challenged will bring together the parents and the professionals working in the field of mental retardation and other disabilities under the banner ‘Socio individual development through co-operation’.

Keynote presentations, individual research papers and workshops will explore new and challenging themes in the field of disability studies, service programs and social integration.

Guidelines for submission of Abstract

Please submit the abstracts to our mail ID. The Scientific committee will evaluate the abstracts before being accepted for the conference proceedings. Please submit your abstract in the following format.

Paper title
Author (s) name
Author(s) institution, address, contact details
Abstract text (maximum 250 words)
Abstract must be sent in MS Word document, font Times New Roman 12 point. Please send the abstract to:
SIVUS International
Kolkata Chapter



The Sub-Themes
*Physical health issues
*Inclusive education
*Employment: issues and challenges
*Mental health of parents and family relationship
*Community inclusion
*Human rights and dignity
*Multiple disability
*Abuse and bullying: preventive measures
*recent advancement in research
*Effective services for improving quality of life
*Bio psycho social approach
*Life style and disability